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Chef Pasquale Palamaro tells us about his vision of cooking

Everyone knows that life in the kitchen is full of great satisfaction but full of sacrifices, the only engine that can allow you to move forward is only one: the passion and the immense love that binds you to your work.

The same passion and love that binds two people who decide to get married, without distinction of sex, age, skin color, because we know that love has love as its only topic, someone said.

Any story is put to the test by some obstacle but it is precisely the overcoming of the latter that establishes and confirms the sincere union between two people. Obstacles are present in every path, even that of a chef, but it is worth it

 width = given the brilliant career of our island chef Pasquale Palamaro who, after years of apprenticeship in Italy and abroad, has found the ideal niche for his creative flair at the “ Regina Isabella Resort “, a historic five-star hotel on the island of Ischia located in the characteristic town of Lacco Ameno.

In the locus amoenus of the starred Indaco restaurant, overlooking the sea, the chef carries on his idea of ​​cuisine, closely linked to the territory and the seasonality of
products but also experimental and “visual”, a real story of the flavors, colors and smells of our land and our traditions.

We asked the chef a few questions in this particular period for catering professionals, whose normal winter break is likely to extend beyond the start of the normal working season due to the containment measures of Covid 19.

  • What are the criteria according to which you would choose a wedding menu?  width =
    The difference between choosing to go to a restaurant or to be invited is enormous, in
    a ceremony the guests are different from each other both in age and style, the reason for
    which I like to apply a very clean and simple line in choosing the menu, with
    not many ingredients per dish: simplicity always manages to conquer the
    greater number of diners. Obviously, the key ingredient in this
    chance is the aesthetics of the dish, which gives added value to the success of the menu.
  • What are the menus most requested by the newlyweds for your experience?
    In my database I have many different formulas, in order to satisfy the
    better the spouses, but in recent years I have enjoyed writing the menu for guests ad
    example by asking them what their tastes are in terms of colors, food, art, etc … as if you were sewing a menu like a tailored suit, made to measure. Maybe their
    formula that has been most appreciated over the years is that of only 3 courses at the table, in
    so as to devote more time to conviviality both at the aperitif and after dinner
    is the best moments of the party.
  • Now we are aiming to enhance the local catch, fish
    “poor” who are ennobled, how do you think about it? It could be
    interesting as a choice for a big event?
    Each chef has their own style, in my case a seafood cuisine combined with sustainability e
    the seasonality of the product are the main elements both in everyday life and in themed events such as ceremonies.

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Chef Pasquale Palamaro  Pasquale Palamaro chef

  • Being a seaside resort, often the menus of events / receptions on the island
    are focused on sea products, which they could be instead of
    choices that enhance the products of the earth?
    Although Ischia is an island and therefore surrounded by the sea, it is also an island
    peasant where several farms produce excellent vegetables, then in
    based on their seasonality you can have fun in the menu, a bit of difficulty there
    we could find on the meat, excluding the famous Ischian rabbit, chis
    Sea quills: a story of love and passion 3
    it could be an excellent dish for guests who do not reside on the island and therefore
    to make known our millenary gastronomic culture.
  • What is your favorite dish, one that you would choose for a special day and that
    does it evoke memories linked to some life experience?

     Chef Palamaro’s” sea quills “dish [/ caption]

    My favorite dish is definitely “sea quills” , a fake sea urchin that
    hedgehog has nothing but its aesthetics. The dish comes from nostalgia: from
    when, no longer being able to capture sea urchins in our body of water
    having become a protected park, this strong nostalgia pushed me 10 years ago to
    think of this dish that contains a tartare of amberjack, salted lemon heart,
    basil and buffalo mozzarella sauce.
    A story that recalls the importance of sustainability and respect for our
    seabed, which was an inspiration for the chef in the reproduction of the hedgehog. Ed,
    it is with this wonderful story that we want to greet the chef, wishing each other
    that he can soon return to his work and thanking him for his availability and the time he has reserved for us.
    by Maria Elettra Irace

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A hug to our wonderful chef Pasquale Palamaro, for sharing his art and passion for his work with us. When he is in an event that is corporate or private, he has a completely different taste … A hug Stefania

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