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«Ladies, let’s not decide our wedding dress right away, let’s let our bodies decide. Let’s try some and have fun»

These are the words spoken by a future bridesmaid in a famous scene from the film “The bride’s friends”, an American comedy of 2011. The protagonist, Lillian, engaged to a rich Chicago banker, must get married and does not want to do without her best friends ahead of that day, even though she knows they are all very different from each other.

This diversity is clearly manifested already from the moment of choosing the bridesmaids dress: one is too chubby for that type of dress that instead looks great on the brunette with curves in the right place, but which does not seem to go well even for the blonde, perfect but shy, who would instead opt for a simpler dress.

At that point the friends have to choose: make a tragedy of it and put friendship and marriage in crisis, or have a laugh and joke about the diversity of their “defects”.

In fact this is exactly what happens to almost all groups of historical friends when the wedding day of one of them approaches; we spend a lot of time together, we meet often, we create special occasions even if we live in different cities, in short: we do everything to make sure that the future bride feels pampered and serene in the attentions of her most trusted friends.

In these moments the bond of friendship is strengthened even more because, “when we grow up” we are more able to tolerate those small nuances of our character that make us different from each other and we clearly understand that only one thing counts: being there, the one for the other

The damsel: a figure with very ancient origins

The story of the maid of honour has very ancient origins, to be found in the land of pyramids and pharaohs, ancient Egypt. At the time it seems that the bride was accompanied by some maids wearing dresses similar to hers; this in order to mislead the evil spirits who used to bother the young wives and who, deceived by similar clothes, could confuse her with the others and spare her.

A role, that of the ladies, very risky and precious at the same time.

Even in ancient Greece, a similar scene seems to have been reproduced by girls who accompanied the bride during the wedding procession with torches in their hands, to illuminate her path. The custom then also taken up by the ancient Romans, therefore not completely foreign to the culture of our origins.

An American custom

Today we are used to hearing the expression “maid of honour” pronounced by the protagonists of American films and TV series because, in fact, it is there that this custom is essential for any self-respecting wedding.

How do American bridesmaids look? It is really easy to identify them: they all have the same identical dress, but different from the bridesmaid (the one who for us is the best man) who will wear a dress similar to that of the others in fabric and colour, but very different in model and cut.

In the States there is a further rule: every bridesmaid always has a male counterpart, fundamental for the tradition of the custom to be respected in toto .


E in Italia?

In Italy the role of the bridesmaid (or page boy) is entrusted to children; tender white or pink clouds the girls and little men pretending to be bold cross the central aisle scattering rose petals on the carpet and holding the wedding rings in their hands to be delivered to the future spouses, who are often the uncles or aunts of the heart. </ h2 >

Today more and more young brides choose to have their best friends next to them. They too are full of adrenaline and emotion that day, because they lived intensely every phase of the organization of the event. For them too it is a goal to arrive at the Town Hall or at the altar that day: it means having done everything to make their friend a happy and peaceful bride.


How should the Italian bridesmaids prepare themselves?

In our country there are no strict rules like in America.

An advice? Be kind, elegant and have a great desire to have fun and entertain!

As for the look, let’s try to establish some small and simple “tricks of the trade” to get prepared for that important day.

  • Black and white: no! Whether in summer, autumn or winter, for no reason the bridesmaids should wear a white dress (this is the prerogative of the bride only) or black (reminiscent of mourning). Yes in bright colors like red and green, which are perfect especially in autumn and winter and pastel colors are perfect, indicated mainly in summer or late spring. Think of orange, fuchsia, yellow or blue, a less frequent choice but in some cases really chic!


  • Pay attention to the length of the dress . If the bride wears a short dress, you can never opt for a long dress. In any case, it is a good idea not to wear clothes that are too short, especially if the ceremony takes place in the church. Yes to the longuette skirt or to dresses slightly shorter in front, but long in back.


  • No to uncomfortable clothes . When it comes to a ceremony, necklines and too deep slits are not welcome, as well as too daring dresses. A sensual woman is a pretty sight, but be careful not to overdo it because falling into bad taste is a matter of small, apparently irrelevant details. Too uncomfortable clothes, among other things, will not allow you to be of help to the bride if by chance some “accidents” with the veil, the hairstyle, the contact lenses, the make-up. In short, you must be ready to rush to the rescue of the only true protagonist of that day: her!


  • Accessories . Neither too many nor few. Yes to flowers, crowns, romantic details. But always remember the precious advice of the immense Coco Chanel: “Before going out, look in the mirror and take something off”.

The only thing that must not be missing that day is your affection and your friendship.

With love Stefania .. and see you again in the next article.

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