Ischia is a destination wedding in Southern Italy, where the diversity of the locations merge with the beauty of the places

A range of locations on a vast island where every couple dreams, Stefania Silvestro Wedding Planner makes them come true.

For couples looking for a formal and classy reception..a selection of luxury hotels and resorts;

For couples looking for an informal and dynamic reception… a selection between enchantment on the sea or on the beach;

For couples who respect the environment and seek contact with nature on their big day…a selection of wine estates and farmhouses and restaurants set in stone;

For couples who seek uniqueness in their wedding and personalization in the settings… a selection of vile private and historic houses.

Private Villas & historical place

Inusual locations for couples who dream of a non-formal wedding but with the charm of other times, in an intimate and reserved context.

Since the 50s Ischia has attracted artists, writers, intellectuals from all over the world who, fascinated by the island’s atmospheres, have decided to build their own homes, this trend has never been lost and today the island has a heritage of historic and architecturally sought after villas among the most prestigious in Italy.

Stefania Silvestro Wedding & Event planner, is able to offer you the most evocative villas on the island and historic places, creating the atmosphere you want inside, from themed parties to luxury weddings. The choice of these types of Locations are definitely a choice with a totally personalized and tailor-made impact for you, because it will be possible to create settings and sets, according to the style and mood you have desired, for your wedding made in Ischia.

Hotel & Resort

For couples who dream of a wedding with an elegant and luxurious atmosphere.

Always a destination for VIP and intellectual / chic tourism, “Ischia Island” offers a choice of luxury hotels, with suggestive locations and in corners of the island surrounded by nature and privacy. Celebrating your wedding in a 5-star luxury hotel is synonymous with exclusivity not only of the place but also of the service and attention given to guests.

Stefania Silvestro Wedding & Event planner,
is able to offer you the best luxury facilities on the island of Ischia, creating for you an arrangement that satisfies the desire for exclusivity and elegance where every detail is the result of a scrupulous search for the new and the beautiful, making your wedding fairytale no longer a dream but a reality.

Choosing it as a location for your wedding, a hotel or a resort, is also dictated by being able to host relatives and friends, so you can enjoy a holiday dedicated to spas, the sea and good food.

Location sul mare

For couples who want a place to celebrate, with friends and relatives, full of charm and romantic, where the combination of elegance and typicality merge in perfect harmony.

Overlooking the most suggestive beaches and corners of the island, Ischia offers a wide choice of locations for those who want to celebrate their wedding in a marine atmosphere that is never banal and always exclusive. From the thermal parks with swimming pools wrapped in enchanted gardens to luxury yachts or romantic sailing ships to the characteristic restaurants set among the rocks and caressed by the waves, the possibilities to amaze their guests are numerous.

Stefania Silvestro Wedding & Event planner is ready to satisfy your requests by transforming these already enchanting places into unforgettable places where the professionalism and creativity of our staff are at the service of nature, but giving nature that glamor and originality imprint that will remain forever, in the memory of those who will celebrate your wedding with you.

Location on the beach

For couples who dream of a wedding with an unconventional charm and a lively atmosphere. More than a wedding, a glamorous party.

“Tied to a grain of sand”, these verses of a famous Italian song from the 60s certainly enclose the romantic loves lived by the sea and give us the pretext of presenting you with a further service that Stefania Silvestro Wedding Event Planner is capable of to offer you.

Small bays framed by natural caves or larger beaches where you can feel part of dreamy sunsets, Ischia offers a wide and differentiated choice for those who want to celebrate their wedding by the sea. An informal but never banal choice where caressed by the sea breeze our decorators will be able to let you and your guests enter the world of “Neptune”.

Between Mediterranean atmospheres and sea sky that merge your event will certainly be effective and up to your expectations.

Agriturismi & Winery

Inusual Locations for couples who dream of a wedding, immersed in nature,much loved by the very young.

Despite being an island and loved for its rugged coastline and crystal clear sea, Ischia is a paradise surrounded by lush nature, with unspoiled places,

Stefania Silvestro Wedding Event planner, is able to offer you, Farmhouses with particular attention to the 0 km cuisine and large gardens or Winery with scenarios, for your receptions, where the frame is miles and kilometers of vineyards.