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Every self-respecting wedding always starts with a promise that tells a lot about the tastes and character of the future spouses, and this couples know it well!

After all, the period that precedes the day of the yes is really long, and gives the newlyweds a separate, unique and unrepeatable mood, a suspended and continuous joy, a particular emotion capable of silencing even the moments of anxiety due to preparations.

Leopardi, in his famous poem Village Saturday suggests that true pleasure consists in the hopeful expectation of a good. And isn’t this what future couples feel as they wait for the best day to arrive?

We can say, then, that the moment of promise gives us a taste of that future “good” and, at the same time, prolongs the joy of waiting!Parola d’ordine: personalize!

The day of the wedding promise, therefore, is not to be underestimated and deserves the right attention and perfect organization.  Giuseppe Greco Photographer


There are many ideas, but only one is the password: customize !

In the past, that of the promise was the occasion for the future husband to “ask the hand” of his future bride to his father, and it also represented a moment for their respective families to get to know each other better in front of a laid table.
Today times are different, couples, especially young ones, don’t really think about transforming the first step towards marriage into a formal and pleasant lunch, trying, on the contrary, to make that day an opportunity for fun with the close friends and an unforgettable moment for themselves.

However, the day of the promise retains an aura of romanticism still tied to that ancient custom, and it is, in fact, the last moment in which an eye is reserved for the engagement ring , destined to pass shortly after the baton to the wedding ring !

So let’s start with the myriad of possible ideas to make the day of promise perfect!

Promessa matrimonio Ischia

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Un”mare” di idee 

Anyone who is reading this article is definitely looking for particular ideas to amaze themselves and others during the day of the marriage promise .

If you are thinking that the island of Ischia is the right choice to crown your dream of love, you may begin to believe that it is also to characterize the first step towards that important day.

It is undeniable: here on Green Island we are very romantic, and this aspect is inextricably linked to the relationship with the sea, protagonist of all the most important phases of our life and always at the center of the most important moments significant.

For couples of dreamers, for example, it would be really wonderful to think of organizing a spring weekend on the island , and enjoying the sea, even more clear and fascinating in this period, by booking a dinner romantic on a rock in the middle of the sea, reachable with a characteristic boat from the Ischia Ponte jetty and then meeting friends and relatives the following day for a fun tour of the island by boat, complete with lunch at board and a fantastic sunset to admire off the Bay of Cartaromana or Forio d’Ischia.

Castello aragonese Ischia

Or opt for a romantic dinner on the Aragonese Castle , a truly unique experience in the world, if enriched with a night spent in what was once considered “the insula minor” (smaller island) and, think about expanding the party to the closest friends the next day, taking advantage of the different locations that the most fascinating castle in Campania can offer to the future spouses, organizing an aperitif in the gardens, and then cutting the cake at sunset with fantastic music in the background.

Those who intend to make the occasion of the promise a moment of pure fun with several friends, could opt for a lunch in farmhouse , (there are really many on the island) to be transformed into a fantastic afternoon aperitif immersed in the green of vineyards and citrus groves.

The green color to be the protagonist!

The green colour…correct!

Preferring the island of Ischia will help you fit perfectly into the theme that represents the leitmotif of the event!

In fact, whatever your type of ideal celebration, the green color must never be missing.

Tradition has it that he is the protagonist of the marriage promise! It seems that this color hides a double meaning: green as the hope of a peaceful and lasting marriage and green as unripe fruit, as the first step towards marriage, which over time will make that fruit ripe.

The green color will have to recall set-ups and decorations, and, more importantly, the sugared almonds, which must never be missing because it is a good omen and a very welcome gift for the guests.

Choosing the island of Ischia also to celebrate the promise of marriage allows you to find perfect solutions both to spend time with friends and relatives and to allow the newlyweds to carve out moments of absolute relaxation to share for two and to remember forever.



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