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Wedding Josef & GiorgiaWhy Ischia? This has been the question that most frequently we have been asked by those who knew about our wedding in this wonderful island. In reality, it just take a glance around Ischia to immediately understand that the question is wrong: warm sun, crystal clear sea, thriving green, Mediterranean and delicious food, and that feeling of… peace. Yes, maybe this has been the trait that made us fall in love with Ischia the most: the sense of relax that the island manages to give, as almost by osmosis, to those who have the luck of passing by its lidos. All considered then, it would have been more appropriate asking us: Why not Ischia?

Working as humanitarian workers and having friends on mission all over the world (especially in war and natural disasters areas) and coming from the most diverse Countries, we wanted to celebrate our wedding in a location that allowed them not only to share with us ‘our day’, but also that gave them the opportunity of taking a break from the stress of the job and relaxing in a very charming place, while also visiting one of the most beautiful parts of Italy.

Full of enthusiasm at the idea of celebrating our wedding on the shores of the Ischian sea, we got in contact with Stefania Silvestro, more than a wedding planner: a true acrobat of the weddings organization. With her professionalism, kindness and patience, Stefania guided us at the discovery of the most refined locations of the island, including Punta Molino.

The fame of Punta Molino speaks for itself: singers, actors, intellectuals felt in love with this exclusive hotel and restaurant, contributing to increasing its notoriety. What is perhaps not very known about the Punta Molino is the great courtesy and availability of the staff, beginning with the Director – to whom once again goes our most sincere thanks – who understood our needs immediately and assisted us from the beginning to the end.

And here we are at the big day: ceremony at the former prison Torre del Molino (suggestive location amidst olive trees and borboriche walls facing the sea), tables laden at the Punta Molino (with sparkling appetizers, first and second dishes, and a huge cake with the shape of a flower), delicate and elegant white flowers prepared by Gardenia shop.

The groom is impatient and can’t wait to see his very-soon-to-be-wife entering the location. The bride is slowly advancing passing through the lanes of Ischia, escorted by her dad. And here she enters the Torre del Molino, smiling accompanied by the notes played live by the Wild Strings Trio ( She is more beautiful than ever and also the black clouds that were threating the wedding fade away and gave space to a beautiful sun. The ceremony begins, celebrated by a dearest friend of the couple, with the messo comunale present as well.

The moment of the ‘YES’ arrived, and a kiss next to the sea seals the love of a new family born on the shores of Ischia. The guests throw rice, the bride and the groom still incredulous keep on holding each other tight, the musicians do not stop playing, the photographer Carlo Goretti and Gabriele Anesin continue to take pictures… and all of a sudden, the couple is at the Punta Molino, raising glasses on the rotonda sul mare, improvising speeches half in Italian and half in English, looking for all the guests with their eyes and wanting to hug them all, to thank them for having traveled thousands of miles (from Africa, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, all over Europe etc…) to be there in such a spontaneous and heart felt manner, and for all the love that they have for them.

The party goes at a such a speed to make the couple seem in trance, and the music goes off when there nothing left but the time to look up to the sky full of stars and thank everything and everybody for having made us live of the most unforgettable moments of a lifetime.

Thank you, Ischia!
Josef & Giorgia