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luxury-hotel-3Since all times, Ischia, the Amalfi coast and the islands of the golf of Neaples have been the  goal of VIPs, intellectuals and chic tourists,they indeed offer a choice of luxury hotels,with suggestive locations with corners immersed in the nature with a lot of privacy. Celebrating a wedding in a 5 star luxury  hotel is a synonymous of exclusivity not only of the location but even of the service and of the attention given to the guests.

EMOZIONI WEDDING, is able to offer the best luxury structures in all of the Campania territory, we will realize for You a setup that will satisfy any exclusivity and elegance wish, where each detail will be based on a meticulous research of what is new and beautiful, we will make your  fairy tale wedding no longer a dream but a reality.

Matrimonio Villa privataVillas and Castle

Since the fifties Ischia has attracted, artists, and intellectuals from all over the world, that fascinated from the islands atmosphere, decided to build here their one homes, this habit has not been lost and nowadays the island owes historical and the most architecturally refined villas of Italy.

EMOZIONI WEDDING can offer the most suggestive villas of the island, creating in the inside the atmospheres that you prefer, from theme parties to the possibility of staying there with your own guests, this surely is a very personal choice and it’s totally organized and based  on Your needs, where time will come to a  stop to grant  your desires.

Matrimonio in spiaggiaOn the Beach

“Related to a grain of sand” these are some words of a very famous Italian sixties song,they surely treasure romantic love stories that have been lived by the sea and they give us the opportunity to introduce to you another service that EMOZIONI WEDDING Ischia is able to offer.

Little bays framed by natural grottoes or larger beaches where you can feel part of dreaming  sunsets,Ischia offers a wide choice to whom desires a  wedding by the sea. An informal choice but never trivial , where caressed by the sea breeze our decorators will enable you and your guests to enter the world of” Neptune”.  Between Mediterranean atmospheres ,and sea and sky that will melt with each other, your  event will surely be of high impact and will be at the  height of your expectations.

ricevimento-matrimonio-sul-mare-4On the Sea

Overlooking the beaches and on the most suggestive coasts of the island, Ischia, offers a vast choice of Locations for who desires celebrating their wedding in a marine atmosphere, which is never boring and always exclusive. From the thermal parks with their swimming pools wrapped in enchanted gardens to luxury yachts or romantic vessels to characteristic restaurants nestled between rocks and caressed by the waves, the opportunities to amaze your guests are many.

EMOZIONI WEDDING Ischia is ready to satisfy your requests by transforming these already enchanted places in unforgettable places, where the  professionalism and creativity of our staff are not only at natures disposal but they give to nature a glamorous and original footprint that will remain for ever in the memory of who will celebrate with You your wedding.

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