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Those who think of Ischia as a pure summer destination, make a trivial mistake, due perhaps to the lack of knowledge of the place, or to the fact that the Green island is chosen by tourists mainly to spend the holidays of ‘summer.

There are many photos and articles that talk about how fantastic the largest island in the Gulf of Naples is during the summer, how many VIPs decide to spend relaxing days there, but how many tell us how Ischia is in winter?

In this article we will reveal why this fantastic island should be taken into consideration even in winter and, above all, the reasons why it is absolutely advisable to choose it as a destination wedding in a less inflated season full of natural elements and details. which reveal its versatility.

5 reasons to get married in Ischia in winter

1. The Ischia winter is not a real winter!

Let’s just say, in no uncertain terms, that Ischia is always beautiful! Let’s add, then, that the island seems to be characterized by a particular microclimate. In fact, while in the city it happens to feel colder, on the island an intense sun shines even in the middle of December.

Brides and grooms of the future, take note! On the Green Island you could organize a winter wedding without nasty surprises linked to a too harsh climate that would risk making the various moments of the day of your day more difficult.

During the colder season, the and Ischia mornings, with the clear blue sky and the slightly sparkling air are ideal for keeping makeup and the light is practically perfect for the rendering of photographs and filming! </ strong>

So if you are planning to get married in the winter, be calm … in Ischia you will find all the indispensable conditions for a perfect wedding, because the Ischia winter is not a real winter! </ Strong>

2. Your guests will be able to visit the most important places on the island … without queuing up!

In addition to a nice walk to discover the island, it is not possible to think of leaving it without having visited its most important places of interest.

We reveal a detail: the latter are always open, even in winter! We are talking about the:Giuseppe e Angela Sposi

    • Castello Aragoneseese a Ischia Ponte,
    • il Museo di   Pithecusae a Lacco Ameno, nella splendida Villa Arbusto,
    • la chiesa del Soccorso a Forio d’Ischia,
    • il Torrione, sempre a Forio,
    • the spectacular Baia di Sorgeto, with its natural pools and pools characterized by different temperatures, practically free all year round. Both you and your guests can experience the magic of being able to see all these fantastic environments even in just two or three days, because in winter the island is less frequented and you would not risk running into annoying kilometer lines

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3. Fewer open hotels, but more spaces available

In summer, the island offers a wider range of options, including hotels and restaurants all open and particular locations such as vineyards, citrus groves and whoever has more. But in Ischia, in winter, especially in the period close to the Christmas holidays, you can choose between several hotels and gourmet restaurants; for lovers of the most creative solutions, it would be nice to rent different spaces, such as private villas, occupied, and therefore inaccessible, in the summer, and organize fantastic receptions. </ Strong>

How? By calling an external catering willing to personalize your banquet. The arrangements must be entrusted to a wedding planner ready to take the field. For her, a wedding of this type, to be built in all its phases, would represent a real workhorse, as well as a source of pride.

4. Everything is easier and you save a lot

Not having to cross the dates of your wedding with those of many other married couples, everything becomes much simpler.

To experience the benefits of organizing a winter wedding ceremony will not only be your nerves, but also your pockets!

Think that in this period of the year the restaurateurs often apply discounts of 10 and 15% compared to the usual prices of the high season of weddings, that is, spring-summer.

In Ischia, then, an island that lives above all thanks to summer tourism, restaurateurs and hotel managers could guarantee you further discounts if you have the readiness to make arrangements during a particularly favorable moment (perhaps between late August and late September, when the sums are drawn of the season that is about to end …)

5. Particularly rich menus and a wide choice … at zero km!

Getting married in winter also means not having to worry about choosing dishes whose yield in the kitchen would risk being compromised by the intense heat. In addition, and more importantly, the menus would be particularly rich because the cold season brings with it a large choice of different foods, which lend themselves to various cooking and preparation methods.
Think of soups, roasts, the quantity of vegetables that would go very well with spices and aromas, creams, velvety, dried fruit or truffles, a must for winter!

In Ischia, land of wines and gardens, you could opt for a zero-km wedding banquet and amaze your guests by focusing on the authenticity of a place full of beauty and resources.
Photo Credits  by Giuseppe Greco Fotografo