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Advice and pampering for future brides with “Aglaia Beauty” experts

On the day of the wedding the makeup of the bride is a fundamental element: together with the dress, the hairstyle, the jewels, it defines her style, a make-up that you enhance the somatic characteristics, pleasant to see and effective in the picture, and above all in harmony with his personality, because the make-up is worn, exactly like a dress.

For all these reasons, the Aglaia center in Ischia dedicates a very important space to make-up. The packages for the day of “Yes” are modulated, therefore, with a path that satisfies every need of the bride (but also of the future husband and family members) and can include solutions for any need related to aesthetics and well-being, using only high quality products in every area.


How the bridal make-up program is structured with the expert make-up artists of Aglaia di Ischia, partner of excellence for brides Stefania Silvestro Wedding Planner :

  • The first step will be a make-up test in the center, during which the future bride will discuss and evaluate together with the make-up artists the make-up in relation to the hair and her physicality, to the chosen dress and also to the wedding theme . Then there is the more technical aspect, starting from the architecture of the face, the skin texture is examined to choose the most suitable pigments and the chiaroscuro on the structure, then the eyes and lips.
  • The make-up is studied to have an optimal rendering in photography and the make-up artists will give advice on how to manage the make-up, both during the shots and in the different moments of the wedding , the ceremony and the reception until the cake cut.








  • On the day of the wedding , the make-up artist who followed the bride during the preliminary stages, will go to the bride to do the make-up before the hairdresser works; and after the hairstyle is finished, the work will be completed, applying blush and lipstick: in this way the powders have had time to stabilize and the make-up will last a very long time.
  • The makeup artist will follow the bride until she leaves her home or hotel, to join the groom at the ceremony waiting to see her in all her glory.
  • All Sposa di Aglaia packages also include another trick (or two, depending on the package chosen) in addition to that of the bride, which can be used by family members or witnesses and also for customers who choose Ischia as the place for their destination wedding in Italy , they will be able to take advantage of the make-up service at home in the booked hotel or villa for their guests.

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