Autore: Stefania Silvestro

The right hairstyle for the wedding day is a fundamental choice.

Relying on skilled hands is the desire of every bride but this decision, many times, hides unpredictable difficulties.

The first choice is always to rely on your hairdresser: those who have known us for a long time are a reassuring figure and during the preparation for the event it is important to have fixed points of reference.
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However, it could happen that your trusted hairstylist has already occupied the date you have chosen for some time (believe me, it happens more often than you think …) or you will get married in a distant place, an exotic place or an island in the Mediterranean. like our splendid Ischia.

Not all hairdressers can leave the salon to join you that day.

Or worse still, those who manage your monthly ” trim ” are not in the mood to interpret the look of your dreams …

You must therefore rely on someone you do not know.Acconciature sposa

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I offer you some valid suggestions in this and many other fields:

  • Don’t stop at the first option. Do your research, visit the websites, Facebook and Instagram pages of professionals. Pay attention to the details, social networks are now real virtual showcases and represent a book of previous works or an effective source of inspiration.
  • Check all references anyway. Be wary of careless hairstyles or a badly made website or page, but be equally doubtful of the absolute perfection in all the photos. They may have simply been collected from the web, virtue is always somewhere in between …
  • A preventive phone call helps to narrow the scope. Without visual filters, only the real quality of the service remains. The time devoted to the bride, the words that are used, the clarity of the information can be the spring that pushes you in one direction or makes you run away from an unpleasant experience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • Make an appointment for a test. When possible, the test removes doubts, prepares for any eventuality and clarifies the hairdresser’s personality, style and professionalism. Keep in mind that normally during a hairstyling test many options are evaluated, which is why a smaller amount of product is used than the final version. This is because to change the hairstyle according to the client’s requests, the result cannot be too blocked. In short, upon reaching the goal, the final hairstyle will respect the final version as much as possible but may not be perfectly identical. If you feel, then repeat it again on another day; don’t be afraid to disturb, it’s your wedding!
  • No surprises on your wedding day. Before confirming all the aspects necessary for the creation of your hairstyle must be clear: to carefully evaluate are timing, costs, what is included and what will be considered an extra and how the interaction with other professionals will take place (make-up artists, photographers , videomaker but above all wedding planner) .
  • Ask a few more questions. How do I manage my hair once the party is over? It is a very underestimated aspect but the management of the hairstyle after the party is as important to me as the hairstyle itself. They told me about locks cut to free their hair, hairstyles made with wire, brides in trouble just before the highlight. Are you sure you want to spend your wedding night teasing your hair with a makeshift comb?
  • One last piece of advice. Whether you are planning an adventurous honeymoon or a month of absolute relaxation on an island in the middle of the sea, ask your hairdresser for products, tools and advice to better manage your beloved hair during your honeymoon. The right brush, mostly mild or adequate sun protection shampoo will make it all the more enjoyable! </ Li>

Thanks  Cristian Sirabella
creative director for Picasso Hair & Beauty Ischia