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Why say “Yes!” in Ischia

There are countless reasons to say Yes in Ischia, and the only way to discover them all is to come and look at them closely, with your own eyes! The island of Ischia is a wonderful pearl that is only an hour and a little further from the port of Naples , a concentrate of beauty and harmony that attracts thousands of national and international tourists and guests; an ideal place to spend a relaxing or adventure holiday and a perfect location to organize a unique wedding !

An exceptional destination wedding

True, Ischia is an island, but contrary to what many think it is a vast territory that gives those who want to know it many opportunities and a varied offer of points of view (and panoramas) ): wild beaches and elegant beaches, reserved coves and boundless corridors of sand; from the sea you can climb the hill, reach the top of the mountains, and then go down through citrus gardens and cozy vineyards, to meet the sea again.

Born from fire, Ischia shows a decisive and dreamy character at the same time, due to the particular geographical position that places it at the center of the Gulf of Naples , suspended between sky and sea. Its dual soul, peasant and seafaring, expresses itself perfectly at the table, so much so as to impress a strong mark on its food and wine tradition, famous all over the world; for lovers of good food, the Green Island is a real gold mine, between sea and land dishes and recipes and refined wines, such as Biancolella , autochthonous grape of the island of Ischia, and the Piedirosso . With these truly unique features, Ischia reveals itself to the future spouses as one of the most fascinating destinations in Italy for their exceptional “ destination weddings” !

Destination wedding: Ischia island in the Gulf of Naples

An island that unites

The accommodation offer of Ischia is of great quality and there is not a single need that cannot be met: from families with children to young couples, from five-star hotels with spas and restaurants known for their cuisine sophisticated by great chefs, passing through the spas and spas, to the ancient and characteristic fishing villages of Sant’Angelo and Ischia Ponte , to conclude with nature excursions and trekking to the discovery of real hidden corners of paradise. All seasoned with warmth, sympathy and the “exuberant” friendliness typical of Campania. Ischia is not only perfect to uniquely characterize your wedding day, but it is also an opportunity to bring the whole family together around the spouses also in the following days or those preceding the ceremony, giving them a real holiday; it is a versatile place, it is young and mature at the same time, its atmosphere and serene air build families where previously there were only friends and strengthens family ties where previously there were only relatives. It is the ideal place to start a new life together, because it is an island that unites!

A scenography prepared by nature

Ischia is a beauty that kidnaps you, makes you fall in love from the first moment, fascinates you and bewitches you as soon as you meet its slightly green and blue gaze, its decisive character forces you to review your plans, its desire to seduce you pushes you to chase her through the narrow alleys and narrow streets, to run with her on gentle and impervious paths and when you have finally reached and taken her hand you feel that you would not want to leave her anymore. This is precisely what makes it unique in the vast sample of the most suitable Italian places to organize a wedding : the generosity of its spaces, the goodness of nature that participates and is committed to making that day perfect, wearing her best dress and setting up the most beautiful scenography for you.
Ischia Destination Wedding Ischia Destination Wedding

I wedding planner: professions love your place

As we said at the beginning, Ischia extends over a truly vast territory and for this reason, it is essential for the spouses to rely on a guide, a professional in the sector linked to their land, whose secrets and particularities they know, to guarantee a choice that takes into account of your priorities without neglecting any aspect.
Stefania Silvestro , wedding planner and location manager, is a very important reference in the sector not only for Ischia, but also for the nearby island of Procida and for the whole Campania ; Stefania not only takes care of the ceremony in every detail and guarantees 360-degree organization for the newlyweds, but loves to pamper guests, making them feel important and perfect co-stars on a memorable day.
I deeply love my land, my island made of many shades of colours ranging from the intense blues of the sky and the sea to the warm greens of nature, to the colourful nuances of the flowers that paint the landscape in almost all seasons. I’m talking about the island of Ischia, land of many thermal waters but also of a long ancient history made of hidden loves and romantic tales. I am convinced (and not only me) that it is the ideal place to get married: countless views of the sea or on the top of the mountain that overlooks it, characteristic churches, suggestive villages, wonderful terraces lend themselves perfectly to any style you want for your event. Without neglecting the great culinary tradition that has always distinguished the island in the national panorama with its many typical dishes cooked with skill by chefs known all over the world. I wait for you in Ischia, for your “YES” … Stefania Silvestro “

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