How can i contact EMOZIONI WEDDING?

By telephoning (+39 if you phone from aboard Italy) 3939024299, or writing an email to info@stefaniasilvestro.com or adding Stefania Silvestro to your Skype contacts,or via social network https://it-it.facebook.com/EmozioniWeddingIschia/. If you decide to send an email, remember to insert your phone number, in this way it will be easier for Stefania to contact you and to let you receive the correct informations.

Wich is the real name of EMOZIONI WEDDING?

Her name is Stefania Silvestro.

How can i ask for a quote and in what does it consists?

Quotes are required during our first meeting, during which all the main points and the invoices that need quotations are indicated. Consequentially, to a first telephone contact or via email, follows a formal appointment and the delivery  of the quote is made within a week from the meeting. The estimate isn’t a definitive agreement,but an indication of the financial commitment that you will eventually have to sustain. Quotations  are made on the basis of the couples requests in order to allow a first valuation and then, it will be possible to give more articulated and personalized informations, to elaborate a detailed budget and to better manage the organization of the event. The quotation is not the creative consultancy of the event,this will happen in a second phase because it isn’t not for free. If distance should prevent a first meeting, an  appointment will be made or via telephone or via Skype, so that you will be able to receive all the necessary informations to verify the real involvement and to send the initial quotation.

Does a contract need to be signed?

Yes . Once the couple has received the quotation, they can decide if they want  to collaborate with the wedding planner or not. In case they decide to collaborate,we will stipulate a contract, in which, all the  activities that the wedding planner will do, timing and methods of payments, will be listed accurately. it’s a contract that protects both sides from possible misunderstandings and that guarantees the professionalism of who provides the service of  wedding planner.

How much does a wedding planner cost?

The cost of a wedding planner activities varies depending on the singular needs and availability.  EMOZIONI WEDDING price lists  vary  from 200 to 2000 euros, considering that EMOZIONI WEDDING does not take fees from it’s suppliers and they have competitive rates for  EMOZIONI WEDDING customers only..

Does EMOZIONI WEDDING receive a percentage form the suppliers?

No! EMOZIONI WEDDING works for the spouses, it’s a consultant that receives its compensation for the service that it performs for its clients. The dealing with the suppliers are not regulated on economic agreements, excluding a special discount reserved for the EMOZIONI WEDDING clients, in this way we grant to our clients maximum transparency and we can also work with suppliers chosen directly from the spouses.

Do prices include v.a.t.?

Prices indicated in the quotation,if not indicated otherwise,are to be considered V.A.T.excluded.

Who payes and chooses the suppliers?

All of the contracts made with catering, florists, banqueting, and other categories will be stipulated on the spouses behalf. Therefore it will be their task to fulfill  the payments. The choice of the suppliers is always up to the spouses, the EMOZIONI WEDDING staff will submit a rich list of suppliers, they will give advice and informations on why it could be better to choose one instead of the other, depending on your needs and on the type of marriage you will choose.

On what grounds are the EMOZIONI WEDDING suppliers chosen?

Suppliers that collaborate with EMOZIONI WEDDING are all professionals of the wedding  field, high quality and reliability give an excellent  value for money and quality of service.

If i hire a wedding planner,will she be the one that decides everything so that i will loose control on my wedding?

Absolutely no! The wedding planner works to help you realize your wedding, she recommends, proposes, she gives you alternatives and coordinates all the aspects before and after the wedding, but all the decisions will be always and only yours.