The most frequently asked questions of couples who have chosen Stefania Silvestro Wp.

Why delegate and pay a wedding planner, if we can do it independently?2020-06-04T18:40:24+02:00

Why delegate and pay Stefania Silvestro wedding planner, if we can do it independently?

If you have time to devote in finding all the suppliers and locations, moving between the different proposals that the place chosen as the destination for your event, if you have original ideas and are able to keep all suppliers under control and coordinate them also on the day of the event, then I am fully in favour with you that you don’t need his support.

On the contrary, if you dream of an event with attention to the smallest details, you want particular ideas and made specifically for you, you don’t want to stress yourself from one supplier to another including the wedding day and the following day, if you want nothing to be left to chance including the time management throughout the wedding day, then you need Stefania Silvestro wedding planner and her team with a 100% guarantee that your dream will become reality because Stefania is a professional with a strong sense of responsibility and both in the private and at work, she considers it as a primary value.

Who is a wedding planner?2020-06-04T18:42:48+02:00

Who is the wedding planner?

The wedding planner is the one who empathizes with clients / spouses, works harmoniously with the couple who chooses her to take care of the most important day of their life in every detail. The wedding planner knows what it means to plan and coordinate an event of any size and budget, she knows how to create a budget by studying it meticulously with the customers in front of her, she knows how to manage and resolve unexpected events that may occur both in the initial stages of the wedding project and during the fateful day. The wedding planner joins all the professionals essential for the realization of a wedding, and with them creates a perfect direction

What are the advantages for those who choose a wedding planner?2020-06-04T18:38:00+02:00

What are the value for Stefania Silvestro as wedding planner?

The constant presence of Stefania Silvestro Wedding Planner with her team, on the day of the event from the ceremony to the final greeting of the guests at the conclusion of the reception;
Being able to take advantage of a series of partners and suppliers with facilitated economic proposals for the total benefit of customers, because professionals who have collaborated with her for years;
Stefania Silvestro Wedding Planner does not decide on behalf of clients, but proposes and recommends solutions; The wedding is designed and planned, according to the client’s tastes, styles and budgets, as if it were a blank canvas to paint.

What advice she provides as a wedding planner?2020-06-04T18:34:25+02:00

What advice does Stefania Silvestro Wedding Planner provide?

Stefania Silvestro, provides advice on all the organizational aspects of an event from design to logistics to budget, but the economic relationships will always exist between supplier and customer, as a wedding planner, does not resell or buy for third parties, only puts the customer in contact/supplier, always keeping an eye on the budget drawn up from the beginning.

What a wedding planner offers?2020-06-04T18:26:39+02:00

What does Stefania Silvestro do as a wedding planner?

Stefania Silvestro wedding planner organizes, plans and coordinates a wedding and in general an event such as an anniversary, a birthday, a product launch or promotion for companies;
He deals with intermediation with suppliers, coordination and direction from the religious or civil ceremony to reception, research of the location and of the Church or Municipality, from catering/banqueting, floral arrangements, photos and videos, music and entertainment, stylistic consultancy and installations;
He also deals with logistics for couples who do not live in the place where he works, coordinating and organizing with dedicated staff: transfers to and from the place chosen for the big event, finding hotels or private villas or holiday homes for guests and newlyweds, excursions and activities before and after the wedding to enjoy a real vacation together with family and friends.

A reference for newlyweds and families to plan the wedding of your dreams, meticulously taking care of every little detail.

What a wedding planner does?2020-06-04T18:31:25+02:00

Does Stefania Silvestro wedding planner provide a quote and a contract?

Of course yes, after the first meeting, a written and detailed estimate will follow on the basis of your request, which must be accepted and countersigned;
A regular contract will follow where all the services requested will be shown, including a privacy release, this very important point to protect you but also to reiterate that Stefania Silvestro Wedding Planner is a serious and professional reality.
He has a VAT number which is synonymous with legality.

How works a wedding planner?2020-06-04T18:23:31+02:00

Stefania Silvestro, will you follow us in all the inspections?

Of course yes, Stefania Silvestro Wedding Planner, will be present in all meetings with suppliers both directly on site and through Skype Call and these meetings usually take place in the initial phase of organizing a wedding, and then continue independently to check all the necessary steps where needed.
For the locations, reception and ceremony, in addition to the initial inspections, subsequent meetings will also follow including any test menu if required.

After the contract is signed, Stefania Silvestro Wedding Planner will follow, a calendar where all the scheduled appointments from that day up to two days before the event will be fixed, so as to have a shared planning. Obviously unlimited phone calls and messages, Stefania will always be at your side, even during non-office hours.

How much a wedding planner costs?2020-06-04T18:28:58+02:00

Fee of Stefania Silvestro, for her wedding planning?

Stefania Silvestro wedding planner has a fixed fee that varies according to the services requested (coordination, coordination and design, full planner) and also according to the commissioned event, expressly indicated in the initial estimate that is sent free to the customer;
The value of a wedding planner is synonymous with quality and experience gained over the years with the acquisition of different events and with greater awareness in the management of unexpected events.

If there are different questions to be asked, you can contact me by filling out the form indicated here, the requests are not binding, I am always available for dialogue.


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