Stefania Silvestro Wedding Planner Ischia

Stefania Silvestro

My name is Stefania Silvestro , and I am a Wedding & amp; Event Planner for the island of Ischia in particular, and Campania with its many locations in general, with an extra look towards the islands of the Gulf and Naples.

I define myself as a selfless person and I take my responsibilities very seriously to help and do the right thing, both in my work and in my private life. I like to create harmonious connections with who I relate to.
Sociable and listener, very little averse to conflicts and I dedicate a lot of my energy to spreading positivity and optimism, always creating interpersonal relationships, based on mutual trust.

I am a romantic and I could not give up a life without dreams and without emotions.

Stefania Silvestro

How I work

As a Wedding Planner I surround myself with partners and professionals from my area, advising local, national and international married couples the right suppliers and locations for their event. As local suppliers; from flower designers to photographers and videomakers, from make-up artists and hairstylists, to light designers and musicians, from artisans to create unusual gifts for artists such as circus acrobats, dancers and folklore groups. As places to celebrate the religious or civil ceremony and reception, a wide range of choices; from historical places such as museums and castles to countless churches, from luxury hotels to resorts, from private villas to exclusive seaside restaurants.

All the figures involved for the success of the event are not improvised because your fateful “day” is too important and every wedding I manage is cared for and supervised and organized as if it were my wedding .

My work does not end with the planning, coordination and realization of the wedding day but I personally take care of the hospitality of your guests, of the logistics and playful experiences before and after the event. And for Italian couples honeymoon consultancy .

As Event Planner , for the particular knowledge of the territory and for the important collaborations with suppliers and entrepreneurs in the hotel and private villas sector, in the banqueting and catering sector, in the rental of equipment and scenographies for events, in the sector lighting and entertainment, are able to make available to customers/companies and national and international wedding planners, a wide range of services working behind the scenes.

Stefania Silvestro

Where I work

The choice to dedicate myself to the territory of the Region of Campania in general ,and in particular to the Island of Ischia is,  because it is rare, that a single location can gather so many different scenarios and is at the same time also rich of charm, of a variety of unique and suggestive locations for your most important day.

Ischia” is an authentic and unique destination, full of passions and sentimentality, of strong contrasts, sea and wild nature, breathtaking sun and sunsets, natural springs and thermal parks, culinary traditions of sea and land, craft shops and luxurious boutiques, the ideal place to organize “Events and Weddings” in perfect Italian style.

For the position of the islands in the Gulf of Naples and for the variety of places in the Region of Campania, making unique the time, before and after, the “wedding“ event, it is a particular plus for me as I like to pamper the guests of the couples that choose me.

Stefania Silvestro

Why choose me

I take care of the couples who choose me, accompanying them with my hand on their romantic and adventurous wedding journey.
I find solutions, I solve problems and setbacks, relieving customers of boredom, giving them the serenity that will bring them happy on the day of their “YES”.
I offer a 360 ° consulting, planning and organization service, I have the right charge of energy and almost “maniacal” precision that everything must be perfect and harmonious, self-control and determination, combined with romance and the joy of working for the ‘love.

The wedding day is a unique moment in the life of a couple, and making my spouses happy is the commitment, which I take together with my team, to achieve everything they want.

Which Services to choose

Wedding Planner Full service

I intervene and supervise all aspects of the “wedding” project, from planning with the definition of the budget and choice of location to finding local partners such as flower designers, catering and bar-catering services, musicians and deejays, photographers and videomakers, light designers and set designers, fitters and fashion stylists. I take care of every detail from the bride and groom preparation to the final greeting of the guests, coordinating the day of the event with my hostess team.

Stefania Silvestro

Wedding Coordinator & amp; design

To coordinate the day of the event, I provide the design service or the graphic and stylistic project of the wedding; from the personalized wedding invitation with calligraphic writing to the tableau marriage to the wedding bag for the religious or civil ceremony (from the booklets of the readings in the church to the promises of the spouses to the municipality, from organza bags with petals and rice to customized fans or umbrellas) to the decorations for the reception to the wedding favours to the spectacular photo boot where you can take unforgettable shots, to the thematic corners from the confetti to the very popular corner of rum and cigars, all in a single style and mood required by our spouses.

Stefania Silvestro

Event Planner  

I work alongside companies and/or international wedding planner colleagues, to plan and manage their wedding project or corporate event as if they were here on site. A professional who knows how to unite and coordinate all the suppliers chosen, to ensure that there are a single direction and an optimization of the budget drawn up.

The services I provide are countless from welcoming guests to hotel accommodation to pre and post-event experiences to finding all the necessary and indispensable suppliers for inspections to economic negotiations, guaranteeing the best proposals.

Stefania Silvestro