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Many are the requests many are the costumes before and after the wedding.

Our staff is made of professionals who work directly on the territory,this determines a vast range of possibilities for all that concerns the activities that can be carried out in each place chosen ,so that we can fulfill our own dream.

All of our clients are supported by our operational team to satisfy any kind of request before and after the faithful wedding day : from the tour of the islands of the Gulf of Naplesby gullet, to the tour by land,with the famous “Carrozzelle “ (three-wheeler tricar),to mountain walks or on horseback to guided visits of Castles and museums, to wine tasting in the many wine cellars, to a day of total relax and wellness in the famous and unique thermal spa parks of the island of Ischia, up to having fun in the typical seaside ..

  • Trips by sea and by land

  • Full day of relaxing thermal Parks

  • Wine tasting and guided tours

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