Private villas & Historical places

Inusual Location for couples who dream of a non-formal wedding but with the charm of other times, in an intimate and reserved place.

Since the 50s Ischia has attracted artists, writers, intellectuals from all over the world who, fascinated by the island’s atmospheres, have decided to build their own homes, this trend has never been lost and today the island has a heritage of historic and architecturally sought after villas among the most prestigious in Italy.

Stefania Silvestro Wedding & Event planner is able to offer you the most evocative villas on the island and historic homes, creating the atmosphere you want inside, from themed parties to luxury weddings. The choice of these types of locations are certainly a choice with a totally personalized impact and made to measure for you, because it will be possible to create settings and sets, according to the style and mood you have desired, for your Made in Ischia wedding.

Organizing a reception in villas or historic houses is recommended for couples who:
want a wedding with a limited number of guests;
they want a wedding with particular attention to settings and scenographies, created ad hoc for their special day;
they want a wedding with an external catering that can create a personalized reception, which can range from the buffet with thematic food islands to the banquet with a traditional, fusion or gourmet menu with the presence of starred chefs.


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