Ischia is a wonderful “wedding destination”, where the diversity of the locations blend with the beauty of the places.

A range of “LOVE INCLUSIVE” locations, in a vast island where every wish becomes reality.

For couples looking for an elegant and classic reception..a selection of luxury hotels and resorts;

For couples looking for a romantic and refined reception … a selection between enchantment on the sea and beach;

For couples who are attentive to the environment and seek contact with nature … a selection of farmhouses and vineyards;

For couples looking for uniqueness in their marriage and customization in the settings … a selection of private villas and historic places.

Ischia, the island of love … the gay reflection of a land steeped in sentimentality and passion …

An overview of the most representative locations on the island of Ischia. For every couple and type of wedding, you will find the structure or the place that best suits your wishes and needs …

If no recommended location is the perfect one, for your unforgettable day, no problem … I ask you for a few seconds by filling out the information request form indicated here, and I will contact you within a few hours, and we will evaluate alternatives together.


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