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The wedding stationery: Tips and trends

The details in a wedding represent a fundamental element, which is why I find it extremely important to take care of the “Wedding Stationary” (the coordinated image, the paper elements, which are produced before, during and after the wedding) to make your event unique and unforgettable.

Each element must be consistent with the chosen style, it must be studied and taken care of in detail: from the choice of colors to graphics; from ribbons to the right fonts … all with a single language coordinated with the style of the event.

  • Wedding cards

Invitations are the fundamental element of a wedding stationary because they represent the first “business card” with which it is announced that two people are preparing to join in marriage and the style chosen for the event.

In the past, very simple and formal invitations were chosen, on precious and often handwritten cards. Today, the new trends on weddings require sophisticated, personalized and exclusive ideas, which are often sensitive to ecology.

For the choice of invitations there is a return to the charm of calligraphy , the one written by hand with nib and ink: there are many people specialized in this wonderful art, professionals who still use ancient techniques of writing ranging from the elegant “English cursive” to the modern style of “Brush lettering” and which manage to create amazing works.

Partecipazioni personalizzate ad acquerello

But calligraphy is not enough to make a work unique and unrepeatable, it must be combined with other fundamental elements.

First of all, a modern or romantic graphic, in line with the style of the wedding: personalizing the participation and all the coordinates of the wedding stationary with a watercolor design that incorporates flowers, marine themes, or even details of the location is a trend in recent years , which makes the event even more personal.

Combined with graphics, fonts and shapes, there are the colors to use: neutral, soft or varied, but never dull shades that represent a fundamental element to be recalled throughout the event.

Partecipazioni tema marePartecipazioni-nozze-2020







Another important element not to be underestimated to make your participation original are the closures of the same with not discounted but refined ribbons, for example using silk strips or cords of twine or simply sealing wax stamps. Furthermore, it is always important to use ecological, certified papers that responsibly use the forests from which the fibers come for the realization.Partecipazioni-scrittura-calligrafaPartecipazioni-nozze

invitations are usually preceded by the “ Save the Date ”, useful for guests who live far away to organize the trip. is the graphical line for participation and all the coordinated graphics, the information it contains is only the announcement of the wedding and the day of the event.

  • Ceremony stationery

Whether for the religious ceremony or for the civil ceremony, small attentions can be created for the guests to make them feel at ease and enjoy the ceremony to the fullest.
The elements that make up the “Ceremony Kit” are the ritual booklet that can be used to involve the guests during the celebration, in line with the graphic style and colours chosen for the wedding.
A fan can be added to the booklet if the wedding is in hot weather, which can be in paper or fabric, the important thing is that it is personalized with decorative elements that recall the style.
There is also a container for rice and petals, in paper or bag, to be used for throwing at the end of the ceremony.

Very often these elements are contained in an elegant wedding bag personalized with the graphics and names of the spouses where the handkerchiefs for tears of joy, the car rosette, refreshing wipes, mints, can also be inserted. bottle of water and … so on and so forth!



  • Venue stationery:
    This name identifies all the graphic and set-up elements concerning the location chosen for the wedding banquet. they are:

    -Tableau de mariage
    : used for guests to find their place at the table during the reception. It can be one or more boards, of various shapes and sizes, containing cards for each table with the names of the guests or the individual names of each guest (escort cards). Also in this case, the graphics must be combined with all the rest of the paper coordinated.
    For the choice of names to give to the tables, they are always assigned following the wedding style or simply using the classic numbering.
    -Table seats: serves for guests to identify the table. It is usually designed incorporated into the floral decoration to balance the visual aspect of the table as a whole.










– Menù & napkin: Furnishing the table is an art and every detail is important. The menu is a fundamental element not to be overlooked! it is designed and made in coordination with all the other elements of the wedding stationary , and can be placed larger and more important in the center of the table or individually, on the folded napkin, of each diner and decorated with any place cards personalized, ribbons, and small themed cadeau de mariage.

  • Biglietti di Ringraziamento
    They are the latest element of the Wedding Station and maintain the same style throughout the wedding. Usually the same style is used as for the invitations.

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