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Happiness is a road paved with fragrant lemons, glimpses of the sea that appear peeking from the alleys, unforgettable smells and laughter that can be heard in the distance.

Happiness is organizing your wedding in Campania, where choosing among many locations becomes a pleasure: in any case you will have the feeling of having made the right choice!

Among the most suggestive destinations preferred by the newlyweds there is certainly Positano , a delightful village on the Amalfi Coast , with white pebble beaches and very particular streets, animated by shops and cafes really characteristic.

Positano is the perfect destination wedding for married couples with simple tastes, but lovers of refined details.

Wedding in Positano: when we choose to get married in a village nicknamed “wedding cake”.


On the other hand, what better place to celebrate your wedding than in a village that is called a “wedding cake” due to its natural perched shape?

Its perched conformation, in fact, is very reminiscent of a multi-tiered wedding cake.

Why is Positano a perfect place to get married?

  • A spectacular sea.

The beaches of Positano are truly unique. The small pebbles that characterize them give even more prominence to the crystalline waters that bathe them.

Stretched out on your towels or on the sunbed you can admire the mountain that overlooks them and the houses that seem to dive into the sea.

Choosing to get married here means being surrounded by beauty and offering a unique experience to relatives, witnesses, friends, young and old.

  • The famous “Positano fashion”.

A really fantastic idea would be to organize a perfect hen party inspired by Positano beachwear.

How can we not think of the light, fresh and elegant clothes of a tradition that began in the 60s and which is one of the hallmarks of this fantastic village?

The linen shirts, the leather sandals with pearls, the fantastic cover-ups, the cheerful dresses that just look at them make you want to go to the sea!

Just book a dinner in one of the many sea view restaurants, recalling the style of clothing even in the decorations for the table!
The evening could end with a tour of the bars, in complete relaxation, and why not, uncork a bottle under the moonlight on the Grande beach, the most famous of Positano. Small tip: white will have to be the master! 

  • Boat tour for guests and newlyweds.

From Positano the other tourist destinations of the Amalfi Coast are easily reachable, therefore it is forbidden to leave without having rented a boat or a gozzo and having made the complete tour of the beautiful towns of Campania;

between the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast there are some of the most beautiful places in the world: Vico Equense, Sorrento, Massa Lubrense, Sant’Agata sui due Golfi, Ravello, Atrani and many others.
Your guests will have so many things to look at and places to visit that they will remember your wedding as one of the most beautiful trips ever.

Contact a wedding planner to find out how to book your boat tour on time! It would be a really nice idea to be able to carve out a few hours before the best day for a tour by sea with your friends!

  • Napoli is a few walk 

Another nice idea could be to organize a pizza party in Naples, select one of the most important pizzerias in the city (the choice is difficult, we know) and delight your relatives and friends with a very good pizza, taking the opportunity to make a tour of the historic center and the most beautiful points of the city.

You could think of organizing a half day in the city the day after the wedding, considering that many of your guests would leave from Capodichino airport or from the Central station.

Wedding in Campania: a journey into beauty



Campania, with its many proposals, offers you the opportunity to give and give yourself a truly unique experience: your wedding will become a real journey into beauty!  


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